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Architectural Development Project - Experience

Oak Avenue, Coconut Grove

39 Unit Apartment House successfully converted into investment property. This property was eventually sold to the new Ritz Carlton site in Coconut Grove.

Owner, Developer

Indies West
Duck Key, Marathon

12 Buildings of 12 stories each.

Project originally approved by Monroe County. The County later issue a building moratorium.


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Gemini at Brickell

14th Street, between Brickell Ave. and S.E. Bayshore Dr., Miami.

26 story condominium residential development. Designed by Architectonica

Extensive zoning 8 variance including height, set-back, area ratio etc granted by zoning board of the City of Miami. Foundation permit obtained by City of Miami. Sold before construction. 1979

Downtown Miami Building
100 NW 1 Street

One of the original buildings of the new City of Miami. Built across the former Central Railroad Station of Henry Flagler. Features one of the oldest elevators for automobiles in the State of Florida. Bought by Miami Dade County and demolished for the creation of a main intersection.

Completed 1985

5 Acre Replotting and Construction

Replotting of 5 acre property and construction of single family home.

Project Manager, General Contractor

60 Acre Re-zoning, Marketing and Sale of Property

The 60 acre parcel was included in the master plans of Dade County & full development criteria was developed for site. A marketing plan was conceived, and as a result, a major builder acquired the property.

Completed 1985

Zoning and Development Consultant


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Center Street
Coconut Grove

Acquisition, design development, supervision of full permit plans, obtaining building permit for sixteen unit project.

This project was sold


Richard Peacock
Intersection of Grand Avenue & McFarlane Road (East Side)

Extensive zoning consulting to allow construction of commercial building.

Completed 1994

Zoning Consultant

Sunny Investments & Sunny Garage
Intersection of McFarlane & Main Highway

Conceptual design & development consulting work for garage structure and future land property.

Completed 1995

Consulting Work


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Farmerʼs Market Property
3240 Grand Avenue

The first residential zoning changed to commercial in 30 years. One city block in the village center, Coconut Grove commercial district.

Completed 1995

Project Management, Design and Development